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CreativeHouseStore™Pup Jet

CreativeHouseStore™Pup Jet

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The Fastest and Easiest Way To Bathe Your Dog!

Let's face it: Giving dogs a good bath can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Especially if your pup tries to escape at every opportunity.

Introducing the CreativeHouseStore™ Pup Jet!

The CreativeHouseStore™ Pup Jet was designed to simplify your bathing routine, from mixing soap to lathering, scrubbing, and rinsing. Making baths much quicker, easier, and more effective!

Feel more confident that your dog is actually clean & healthy. With 2x more pressure than an average hose, 8 dog-tailored spray modes, and adjustable soap dilution, the CreativeHouseStore™  Pup Jet will remove any stubborn dirt underneath the coat. Mud, poop, sweat, dandruff – it'll vanish!

Reduces Stress & Anxiety.

It’s no secret that most dogs would rather skip bath time. The CreativeHouseStore™  Pup Jet however creates a fast and seamless bath experience, helping your dog to stay calm during the process.

Groomer Recommended,
Dog Approved.

Dog groomers have searched for the best way to bathe more dogs in less time without sacrificing their professional standards. With thousands of 5 star reviews and amazing stories, our CreativeHouseStore™ Pup Jet is the #1 most favored choice for faster, easier, and more enjoyable grooming.


Easy As One, Two, Three!

How to use CreativeHouseStore™ the Pup Jet:

1. Connect

Works with any garden hose or shower head.

2. Lather

Toggle top switch to soap dispensing mode.

3. Rinse

Package includes: 

The Pup Jet, Shampoo Container, Shower Adapter, Quick Connector, Instructions, Free Dog Grooming Guide

Spray Modes:

 Cone, Jet, Center, Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, Stream

- Adjustable Soap Dilution

- Bottle size: 3.5 oz / 100 ml (up to 3 sessions)

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1. Three ‑ finger design, strong flexibility and can easily put the socks into the sock aid tool.
2. Grooved shape nylon lining, you can easily place your feet into the for easy and convenient socks wearing.
3. Pull rope on both side and the handle enable you to wear socks easily, people with difficulty in stoop can easily put on socks by themselves.
4. Suitable for socks of any size, can your socks during use, prevent scratching socks, smoothly operation.
5. Soft and smoothly enable easy wearing socks and can effectively prevent the socks from slipping.

Material:  Plastic & Terry Cloth
Size: Approx. 9in x 4.6in (Length x Width)
Color: Blue White

1. Put the socks on the end of the product without the strap 2. Grasp the tail strap with your hand and place the product on the floor in front of your feet 3. Slide the sole of your foot into the sock, then pull the strap up until your foot is completely in the sock 4. Continue to pull up until the sock aid comes off the sock. Cleaning: Wash by hand in warm soapy water and let dry. Do not rub.

1 x Sock Aid
1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

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Hailie Hoeger


Sydney Haley

Looks pretty solid, the different water outlets do what they say. I 've tried it for a moment by hooking it to the hose. I have No idea what it is or how the gold piece is placed. I guess it's the piece you need for the shower.

Orion Vandervort

Seller packages the sprayers really well. Seller is very quick to respond to any queries I have. Highly recommend

Sally Roob

Really love those. I'm a dog groomer and it helps soooo much to have nice clean dog's

Eldon Nikolaus

Already delivered